A Chaotic Masterpiece

This is my Tumblr.

There are many like it.
But this one is mine.

My name is Tyler Kianka, and this is my Tumblr/Blog.


I've always been one of the quiet ones, usually in the back of the room and avoiding nearly everyone at any cost.
I've always been like this, but throughout the years I've found my way of making friends, sometimes with fellow quiet kids and others with a variety of different people.

I was brought up to be respectful, kind, and courteous.
All of which I am.
Even if you hate them, respect your enemy.

Although I never payed full attention throughout school, I'm no dummy and can honestly say I'm rather smart.

My social anxiety isn't drastic, I can still go to public places, be around crowds of people, but I do have my limits.


When your isolated or alone for most of the time you tend to do a lot of thinking as would most likely be assumed.
Sometimes good, others bad, but you observe and learn more regardless of what it may be.

Is it worth it?
To spend so much time thinking, analyzing, dreaming..
I would rather be dead then mind/soul-less.
At least then I wouldn't be monotonous as another sheep in the herd.


My imagination, as I can also proudly and honestly say, is very much alive and kicking.

Drawing use to be what I did alot of during school, but I also did a fair amount of writing as well.

Nowadays I hardly draw anymore but continue to write be it my perspective, thoughts, ideas, feelings, or whatever else.


I am very philosophical and although I don't know much about or of philosophy, I am as much a philosopher as I am human.

I tend to play devil's advocate a lot and I've learned that sometimes you cant just stay in the middle and have to take a side.

But considering I have trouble making decisions as it is, going with one way or side as oppose to the other/s can be excruciatingly difficult.


I have a colorful variety of friends of different personalities, standpoints, views, etc.

All of which I am glad to know and have a relationship with, even when I tend to stray adrift at times.


I realize that writing is not just something I can choose to do or avoid, it is apart of who I am.

When speech fails, writing never does.
When actions can not, it can.

It is voice, thought, feeling, idea, passion, view, and so much more all combined.

To write is to breathe, and although I may hold my breath some times, I can never hold it forever.
I must write, because I live.
And perhaps I may even live, to write.


But, anyways..
I hope you enjoy what I present and even if you do not so long as I make you think, have you feel, be it good or bad, then I am happy to have done so.

Anonymous asked: One of the saddest and most hil- NO BITCH, the sad thing here is the fact that you're a stripper. If you want respect, maybe you should've graduated high school. 😂😂 when did stripping become a legitimate career?


Awww, you tried so hard, but unfortunately I can’t hear you over the sound of my debt-free college degree and massive disposable income.

Jail Guard Beats Inmate to Death, Fibs, and Nothing Else Happens


Angel Ramirez, 50, was an inmate in New York’s Rikers Island jail because he failed to make bail on two misdemeanor charges. He was delirious, experiencing withdrawal from heroin and alcohol. He tried to punch a guard. He missed.

All that was previously known was that a guard retaliated, punching Ramirez once in the head. The Associated Press just found out what happened next:

Then [Ramirez] was dragged away, beyond the view of security cameras, and three other guards were called in. Inmates later told investigators they heard screaming and the sickening crack of nightsticks against bone.

One inmate claims he saw the guards in the shower beating a handcuffed Ramirez, who had been hallucinating due to his withdrawal.

Ramirez … died of numerous blunt-impact injuries that included a ruptured spleen, shattered ribs and a stomach filled with blood. When a jail investigator interviewed the guards - eight months later - they insisted Ramirez was struck only once and only in self-defense.

The trouncing took place more than three years ago, but the details are just emerging now. These Rikers officers have never faced punishment for the brutal killing of Ramirez, and they likely never will:

The guard who struck him was brought up on disciplinary charges, but no decision on a punishment has been reached. An administrative judge recommended two others involved be suspended without pay for 20 days, but the correction commissioner has yet to decide their fate.

New York magazine points out that there’s a pattern of corrections officers behaving like judge, jury, and executioner. In five years, there have been three such fatal incidents in the city’s jails. The other two ended with a total of nearly $3 million in wrongful death settlements.

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Need a smile? Watch Willie Nelson do this fun card trick. 

Park Life


When I told my friends I was going camping last weekend, they responded in a mix of amusement and horror.

“What will you do without your hair straightener?” one asked, with mock aghast. “What if a rat crawls up next to you while you’re sleeping?”

“Firstly, that’s why I get keratin…



Here is a pic of Grace Jones shoving cake into Divine’s mouth at what I believe was Grace’s 30th birthday party…you’re welcome!

It’s like “The Creation of Adam,” but relevant to my interests.



Here is a pic of Grace Jones shoving cake into Divine’s mouth at what I believe was Grace’s 30th birthday party…you’re welcome!

It’s like “The Creation of Adam,” but relevant to my interests.

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