A Chaotic Masterpiece

This is my Tumblr.

There are many like it.
But this one is mine.

My name is Tyler Kianka, and this is my Tumblr/Blog.


I've always been one of the quiet ones, usually in the back of the room and avoiding nearly everyone at any cost.
I've always been like this, but throughout the years I've found my way of making friends, sometimes with fellow quiet kids and others with a variety of different people.

I was brought up to be respectful, kind, and courteous.
All of which I am.
Even if you hate them, respect your enemy.

Although I never payed full attention throughout school, I'm no dummy and can honestly say I'm rather smart.

My social anxiety isn't drastic, I can still go to public places, be around crowds of people, but I do have my limits.


When your isolated or alone for most of the time you tend to do a lot of thinking as would most likely be assumed.
Sometimes good, others bad, but you observe and learn more regardless of what it may be.

Is it worth it?
To spend so much time thinking, analyzing, dreaming..
I would rather be dead then mind/soul-less.
At least then I wouldn't be monotonous as another sheep in the herd.


My imagination, as I can also proudly and honestly say, is very much alive and kicking.

Drawing use to be what I did alot of during school, but I also did a fair amount of writing as well.

Nowadays I hardly draw anymore but continue to write be it my perspective, thoughts, ideas, feelings, or whatever else.


I am very philosophical and although I don't know much about or of philosophy, I am as much a philosopher as I am human.

I tend to play devil's advocate a lot and I've learned that sometimes you cant just stay in the middle and have to take a side.

But considering I have trouble making decisions as it is, going with one way or side as oppose to the other/s can be excruciatingly difficult.


I have a colorful variety of friends of different personalities, standpoints, views, etc.

All of which I am glad to know and have a relationship with, even when I tend to stray adrift at times.


I realize that writing is not just something I can choose to do or avoid, it is apart of who I am.

When speech fails, writing never does.
When actions can not, it can.

It is voice, thought, feeling, idea, passion, view, and so much more all combined.

To write is to breathe, and although I may hold my breath some times, I can never hold it forever.
I must write, because I live.
And perhaps I may even live, to write.


But, anyways..
I hope you enjoy what I present and even if you do not so long as I make you think, have you feel, be it good or bad, then I am happy to have done so.

Do not raise your children the way your parents raised you; they were born for a different time.

—Abi bin Abi Taleb (599—661 A.D.)

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Dear Students,

Once you pick your character name, how might you draw yourself as that character?

Here are some of the practice pages I made in my composition notebook while I tried to work out how I’d do it.

Professor Spooky Bootsy or Professor Monkey Bootsy?

It will change, depending on the day but  I will always need my star-glasses on.


Professor Sincere Bootsy

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